Hometown "Solo" Indonesia

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Hi guys....
have you been to Indonesia ??
if you plan to go on holiday to Indonesia.
I recommend Solo. It's near from my Hometown.

you can go there by plan about 7 hours.
from Jakarta airport transfering planes at Jakarta airport . It takes about 1 hour to Solo airport.

Solo is the spirit of Java.
I had been, "Keraton Solo" it's also known as Royal palace.

Hometown Solo  Indonesia

on July, you can see The Solo Batik Carnaval'' and take pictures with batik models.
Batik is a traditional cloth of Indonesia.

Hometown Solo  Indonesia

you can also visit Sriwedari at night to see "Wayang Solo'' like Kabuki in Japan,
and then on the last night you can eat food at a street stall.

Hometown Solo  Indonesia

Hometown Solo  Indonesia

you can go shopping for traditional cloth at Klewer market.
so many types of batik are sold there, the batik market is better than others market in Solo, because it is biggest and cheapest market, I think. if you go there, you should buy souvenirs, handicrafts and batik.

this blog's content had been presented by me.

If you go to Indonesia on holiday, please visit solo someday.
thank you for reading my blog. (n_n)

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    Hometown "Solo" Indonesia